Over the next 10 months, ‘Resilient and Resisting’ will be holding a number of events, workshops, group discussions, and investigative visits to archives.

If you have lived experience at any intersection of: queer, kink, sex work, survivorship, or disability, you are welcome to make a submission, contribute to a discussion, or be part of a visit. Submissions are currently limited to those who live in or have a strong connection to the London area.

Personal accounts, peer interviews, documentation of group actions: texts or oral histories that address living at the intersection of crip /queer /kink /sexwork /survivor are invited.

For written and recorded submissions, make initial contact using our contact form [here] with a short 200-word description of what you would like to do and how your experiences inform this. Please read the stories  already present on the site and think about how what you want to submit may complement or contrast with what is already there.

Particularly welcomed are those who are from BAME groups, working-class backgrounds, and trans/non-binary people.

It is the intention of this project to use its resources in ways that are useful and constructive within the communities it is part of. If you think that you, as an individual or a group, would benefit from a DIY History training, or if you have material on cross-platform marginalisation that you feel is relevant, please get in touch.

If you have a story to tell, then an attempt will be made to help you to tell it, either through this project or by connecting you with other relevant resources.