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The online collections of Resilient and Resisting are divided into two main sections.

Resilient and Resisting hopes to make clearer the relationship between our current stories and those of the past. To show the continuity of issues we’ve faced, the value of recording our stories. The value of our lives. Facing difficult times it can be easy to lose sight of how, as we survive stigma we create social change. That existing is a powerful thing in itself.

Archives can seem inaccessible to the lone visitor, so we bring travelling archives and organise events in collaboration with archives and museums to promote access to community histories. To show how we too have a place in history. Collecting stories creates an important historical archive, while building strength and knowledge of the possibilities for resistance. Resisting erasure, seeing that we can be in constructive community with others. Resilient and Resisting seeks to educate and encourage more forms of community storytelling and archiving.


D.I.Y Histories

Contains interviews, written submissions, photographic documentation of exhibitions with annotations by contributors, and transcripts of some of our discussions and community panels.

This is where responses to the raw material of the stories and historical archives are collected. A springing off place where new ideas occur, and communities start to generate materials.


Stories of Resistance

These stories are produced by Jet Moon in collaboration with individuals. They are narratives that record lived experience and give political context. Intimate and anecdotal, the collection shows commonalities and differences, shared histories and wide gulfs.

These stories are the core material of Resilient and Resisting. At readings different constellations of the stories are presented around a common theme.



Would you like to take part in Resilient and Resisting?

We are planning new events, workshops, discussions and archive investigations. It is the intention of this project to be useful and constructive within the communities it is part of. If you have lived experience at any intersection of: queer, kink, sex work, survivorship, or disability you are welcome to contribute to a discussion or be part of a visit. If you think that you or a group you are part of would benefit from a DIY History training or have material that is relevant to collecting our histories, please get in touch.

Personal accounts, peer interviews, documentation of group actions, texts or oral histories that address living at the intersection of crip/queer/kink/sex-work/survivor are invited. Particularly welcomed are those who are from BAME groups, working-class backgrounds, and trans/non-binary people. Submissions are currently limited to those who live in or have a strong connection to the London area. Please send a short description of what you would like to do and how your experiences inform this.

Note: Please read the stories already present on the site and think about how what you want to submit may complement or contrast with what is already there.

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