Our Stories

On the 29th of November, in collaboration with Hackney Museum Resilient and Resisting presented: Our Stories.

This event was held as part of Hackney Council’s 16 days of action against gender based violence, part of the UN’s campaign to help eliminate violence against women and girls. Everyone was invited to come and listen to stories of survival and agency, focusing on the theme of violence against women and girls.

These stories contain explicit content and mention domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape and gendered violence. All stories are produced in collaboration and ongoing consultation with interviewees.

The readings focused on first hand accounts which show how, through individual or group resilience, people have found ways to speak up, name experiences, organise and survive. This event is Trans and Sex Worker inclusive.The stories presented are from longer pieces collected as part of Resilient and Resisting, an oral history and collaborative storytelling project.

This campaign theme this year was #HearMeToo, linking to movements which feature the voices of the voices of survivors and activists.

Story readings

Out and About

Reading 1

Love of the Land

Reading 4

Intimate Pleasure

Reading 2

Speaking & Silence

Reading 5

Sex, Repression and Mental Health

Reading 3

A Lioness

Reading 6

A photograph taken at the 16 Days of violence against Women and Children reading event