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Fierce, intimate oral histories, collaborative stories, D.I.Y. research and interviews from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation. Those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors. Much political action (of all kinds) comes from the power of survival.

Resilient and resisting stems from my personal experience of these brutal years of austerity. Feeling incredibly isolated, I sought to place those experiences in their political context. I became aware that I was not alone, many others were experiencing stigma and resisting their conditions. Complex stories of overlapping struggles that often go untold, or when others write about us, are sensationalised and sanitised.

The objective is to build a constellation of material which shows commonalities and gaps, a resource where strength and visibility can lessen isolation. Where there is a possibility to gain a better understanding of both what connects and divides us. A space for stories, D.I.Y. history training, and access to museums and archives where historical accounts of similar struggles are kept.

~ Jet Moon


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Who we are

Resilient & Resisting is an ongoing project by Jet Moon, in collaboration with individuals and communities. Collecting stories and sharing histories from the intersections of disability, queerness, kink, sex work and survivorship.
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What we do

While experiencing a loss of legal protections, cuts to services, and a rise in targeted violence, we give voice to people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation: those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors. Many of us are resisting, resilient.
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Our process

Much political action (of all kinds) comes from the power of survival. We have a rich social and cultural heritage and history of activism and community building, through the forms of writing, storytelling, theatre and event organisation.



Stories of Resistance

Individual stories, from one to one interviews written by Jet Moon with a participant. A collaborative process between artist and interviewee, knitting life story into political narrative.

D.I.Y Histories

Community responses and contributions: submissions, visual records, documentation. Here are outputs from workshops and archive investigations, people interacting with current stories and historical materials.


Keep checking in, as some future events are soon to be announced!

Sunday 14th April, 2019

Come Together

Resilient and Resisting’s Finale event, a day long take-over at Arcola theatre

24 Ashwin Street
Dalston, London

Thursday 28th Feb, 2019

Fighting for space, love and loss

Held during LGBT history month, the event included live readings, the D.I.Y Archive, and a free zine.

Hackney, London

Friday 29th Nov, 2019

Our Stories

Part of 16 days against gendered violence, in collaboration with Hackney Museum.

Hackney, London

Friday 29th Nov, 2019

Leather Archive

A drop-in viewing of the Bishopsgate UK Leather Archive, held
in collaboration with our oral history and collaborative story telling project

Spitalfields, London

The Anti University DIY History Workshops were held at the CLR James Library
Sunday 10th June, 2019

Anti University DIY History Workshops

Held at the CLR James Library

Dalston Square
Dalston, London

Strippers Union - an interview with sex workers from Radio Ava, the sex workers radio station
Friday 13th July, 2019

Radio AVA Broadcast

Story reading


Zine Archive

Browse through the Zine collection, which is available to read online or as a free download. Each zine was created for a live reading event, a selection of the stories arranged in a collection relevant to the event often with accompanying archive materials.


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Reading at Hackney Museum LGBT History month from the Fighting For Space zine

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