Resilient and Resisting invite you to our Finale event, a day long take over at Arcola theatre, 24 Ashwin street Dalston.

Join us for an extravaganza of resistance.

Featuring contributions from radical history archives, the voices of direct action groups, and of course our own stories of fighting stigma and creating social change, these are fierce, intimate oral histories, collaborative stories, D.I.Y research and interviews from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation.

For those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors, much political action (of all kinds) comes from the power of survival.

Starting at 12pm with The Travelling Archive, 2pm Direct Action Groups panel discussion, 4pm food,

6pm Grand Performance.

Travelling archive: Bishopsgate Institute and the MayDay Rooms bring the archive to you. Peruse and discuss artefacts and articles of radical history, Workshop on DIY documentation.

Panel discussion: Direct action, fighting stigma and making social change, featuring speakers from: The Renters Union, Xtalk, English Collective of Prostitutes, Trans Liberation Assembly….and more tbc

FOOD – because we have to keep our strength up!

Evening performance/reading – stories of Resilience and resistance! With swoosh, glitter and song. Performance will be captioned.  This is a Free Event, although ticketing may apply to evening performance due to limited capacity seating.

Sexy intimate stories of becoming, persistence and survival. Critiquing work, asking questions about HOW and why. Elder histories, lion taming, transnational travels, migration stories. All Cats Are Beautiful. How we get by! Who gets to be respectable? Pride and prejudice. Tickets to the straight world, transactions along the way, stretching the rubber band of gender, Being who we ARE. Coming together.

FREE ZINE, so you can read along.

Exhibition of the posters created from the stories on show: Arcola Foyer.

Arcola Participation is Arcola’s community, talent development, youth and programme. We are committed to challenging assumptions around who theatre belongs to and who has a right to speak, while providing opportunities to learn, train and perform under the guidance of world-class artists. We aim to deliver high quality productions that resonate both locally and globally, whilst maintaining Arcola’s welcoming and inclusive ethos.

Panel discussion:

Direct action groups on Stigma and social change: featuring Renters Union, English Collective of Prostitutes, Trans Libreation Assembly, Feminist AntiFascist Assembly, Mental Health Resistance Network, XTalk (migrant sexworkers group). Panelists discuss: why their group formed, what situation they are facing, what direct actions they have taken, what effect this had externally, what effect this had for them personally.

Fighting for Space, love and loss.


Feb 28th Hackney Museum host Resilient and Resisting, in LGBT history month.

Live readings. D.I.Y Archive. Free zine. 

6 – 7.45pm


Historically LGBTIQ people have fought for space because we had to, bringing the rights and places we needed into existence. How have we created, fought for and made space for our communities? What have we lost? As we often come to big cities as a place of safety, to find community, how are LGBTIQ people affected by or part of gentrification?

Come and celebrate Queer Action past and present by taking up space in the Hackney Museum. What isn’t allowed to be on display? What objects would you contribute and caption to tell a tale of Hackney Queerness? Bring something along, and let’s do it for a night.

Hear readings from the Resilient and Resisting project, on our complex community and how we fight for space: Tales of sex-working queers, squatter queers, kinky queers, queers who are so tired of racism in the scene, Crip queers, Transfabulous queers, pole dancing queers, and DJing queers, all celebrating what we’ve loved and what we’ve lost, what we’re still fighting for. 

This event runs from 6pm to 7.45pm. Readings at 6.30pm sharp. Snacks, soft drinks and music either side.

Our Stories: part of 16 days against gendered violence.

(Resilient and Resisting in collaboration with Hackney Museum)

At this event, we invite you to come and listen to stories of survival and agency, focusing on the theme of violence against women and girls.

They contain explicit content and mention domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape and gendered violence. All stories are produced in collaboration and ongoing consultation with interviewees.

The readings focus on first hand accounts which show how, through individual or group resilience, people have found ways to speak up, name experiences, organise and survive. This event is Trans and Sex Worker inclusive.

The stories presented are from longer pieces collected as part of Resilient and Resisting, an oral history and collaborative storytelling project. The event is supported by Hackney Council’s 16 days of action against gender based violence, part of the UN’s campaign to help eliminate violence against women and girls. This years campaign has the theme #HearMeToo, linking to movements which feature the voices of the voices of survivors and activists.

This is a FREE event.

Bishopsgate Institute is home to the UK Leather Archive, a national collection documenting the history and heritage of the Gay/Bi leather, rubber and fetish communities, and is committed to increasing holdings relating to wider kink and fetish history in the UK.

At this event, in collaboration with Resilient and Resisting, an oral history and collaborative story telling project, we invite you to drop in to explore the collection of magazines, pamphlets, posters, ephemera, t-shirts and artefacts from these collections. There will be readings which focus on stories relevant to the kink community, an opportunity to record your own oral history, and to hear short talks about the archives on display.

We would love to provide a home to your story/archive and would be delighted to accept any material to add to the fetish archives on the day. This could be ephemera, magazines, books, photos, video, audio, artefacts, documents…anything that you feel could help tell the story of the kink and fetish community in the UK for future generations. Material can also be scanned/copied on the day, so you can keep the original if preferred.

Resilient & Resisting, is a collaboration between groups and individuals, with artist/activist Jet Moon, produced with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arcola Participation. Fierce, intimate oral histories, collaborative stories, D.I.Y. research and interviews from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation

Free Event, just drop in.

List of all events held in addition to main events

Sunday 10th June, Anti university DIY History workshops at CLR James Library Dalston.

Friday 13th July, Radio AVA broadcast – story reading.

Friday 3rd August, Radio AVA broadcast – story reading.

Sunday 5th of August, London Alternative Market, large discussion x reading.

Saturday 18th of August, DIY History workshop SM Dykes London.

Thursday 23rd August, Trans London DIY History Workshop.

Friday 21st September, Radio AVA broadcast – story reading.

Saturday 22nd September, discussion/reading, Sex workers Symposium.

Thursday October 25th, R&R host the MayDay Rooms: travelling archive.

Friday 26th October, Radio AVA broadcast – story reading.

Friday 8th February, Radio AVA broadcast – story reading.

Monday 11th February, sex work and disability, DIY History workshop.

Wednesday 20th February, Core Arts Mens GBT mental health group, DIY History workshop.

Thursday 14th March, Project Indigo LGBTIQ youth group DIY History.

Friday 15th March February, Radio AVA broadcast – story reading.

Friday 26th April, Radio AVA broadcast – discussion on stigma and social change.

Sunday 5th of May, London Alternative Market, large discussion x reading.